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Actualizado: 27 abr 2020

A dental microscope is a simple machine. Nevertheless, the main obstacle most dentists find when deciding whether to incorporate it or not in their clinics is the learning curve. A mystified learning curve which is not as steep and long as most people think. But, as always, a few clear concepts and a previous experience is the best way to flatter the curve as soon as possible.

Can you imagine how could be driving a car in a big city if we don´t know where is the brake or we ignore the traffic rules?

In our view, taking a course is the best way not only to buy the microscope that meet your needs, but also to minimize the effort and the impact in your daily clinical workflow.

Del Rey & Carrera microscope training centre offers:

  1. A protocol you´ll be able to immediately apply in your daily practice.

  2. Teachers with 15 years of experience using the microscope in all dental specialties.

  3. International speakers for ZEISS.

  4. Groups from 2 to 4 students for personalized attention

  5. 3 different microscope configurations for each student

  6. All the theory from basic to advanced level

  7. Hands-on work on specific models designed for each exercise simulating real clinical situations

  8. Monitorization though clinical sessions, either in our centre or at the student’s office.

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