integración del microscopio dental con Cerec

Never before images have been so important in our life. Never before the popular saying “one image is worth a thousand words” has been as true as it is today. Once, a wise dentist said: “What happens in life happens in dentistry”. We totally agree.


If images have a great impact in our daily life it is not less in dentistry. Images are the common hallmark of those technological devices that will change more our daily clinical practice. Any kind of scanner is, in the end, an image provider, just as it is an operating microscope. What is key is the type of images they provide us: Magnified and 3D images we can work with, either for diagnostics, planification, communication with our patients or our technicians or to perform high accuracy clinical procedures.


If you think the use of magnified and 3D images, provided by scanners, makes sense in modern dentistry, the only reason why you would not think the same about the microscope is that you haven´t tried it.


The aim of this course is to make you aware of the power of synergy between different pieces of technology made, in our opinion, to live together in our clinics.



  • ZEISS Extaro 300

  • Parts of the microscope

  • Microscopic vision: personal adjustments


  • Eye- ocular distance

  • Interpupillary distance

  • Para-focal and dioptre adjustment


  • Microscopic vision: clinical implications


  • Field of view

  • Depth of working field

  • Focus manoeuvres

  • Ergonomics and patient´s approach

  • Direct/indirect vision

  • Microscope configuration

  • Microinstruments

  • Documentation

  • Microscope asepsis


Hands-on exercise

  • Microscope adjustments and focus manoeuvres

  • Hand-eye coordination

  • Tooth prep for a full ceramic crown on an upper incisor

  • ZEISS Connect App

  • CEREC 5 software


  • Administration phase

  • Acquisition phase

  • Model phase

  • Design phase

  • Manufacture phase

  • Scanning, designing and manufacturing a full ceramic crown for an upper incisor

  • Try-in | Bonding | Occlusal adjustment

All hands-on works will be performed on specific designed models for each exercise simulating real clinical situations.


​All materials and instruments will be provided by us.


Our main goal is that the students know deeply the clinical benefits of using a microscope. How to use it in order to approach our patients reaching the visual access we need in each clinical procedure and decide which is the microscope configuration that meets our student´s clinical needs.


In other words, we give our students all the knowledge and expertise they will need to immediately apply it in their daily clinical workflow.




  • Dentists without experience

  • Dentists with experience who want to improve aspects like patient´s approach, microscope handling and visual access with direct and indirect vision.




In order to offer flexibility, we will agree the dental microscope course dates with the students


Number of students: 2-4



  • Friday 15.00- 19.00

  • Saturday 9.30-14.00 | 15.00- 19.00




  • Clínica de Odontología Microscópica del Rey & Carrera


PARTNERS: Zeiss, Henry Schein


EQUIPAMIENTO: ​ 3 microscopes per student


  • 2 students: 2200/student

  • 3 students: 2000/student

  • 4 students: 1800/student


Payment method

  • 50% reservation fee

  • 50% one week before the course date

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