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Gain exciting, hands-on experience with dental microscopes

... and bring your dentistry to another level.

Why choose our courses?

Microscope assisted dentistry shows us a new and remarkable world of colours, shapes and textures. Thanks to the unprecedented visual control and access provided by the microscope, your procedures will become more accurate, longer-lasting and result in far better outcomes for your patients.


With a fun, stimulating learning curve, our course will help you discover all the clinical applications a microscope has.


On our course you will enjoy the clinical benefits of the microscope for diagnostics, patient communication and ergonomic comfort.


You will also learn to easily reach the best visual access to perform any procedure under microscopic vision.

Our course will be the first step on that road.


Undoubtedly, the microscope is a game changer when it comes to a dentist's work - not only because it makes you grow as a high-quality professional, but also because it genuinely helps a sometimes-challenging profession to become more enjoyable and rewarding.

Sooner rather than later, once you have it totally incorporated in your workflow you won´t understand how you could have been working in the past without such a tool.

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